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You have probably experienced times when,

Deep in your Cells,

In your Heart Feelings,

And your Gut Instincts,

Your Higher Intuition, or

Your Creative Insights,

You know what is best for you, and what you want to do or be.

After all, only you can truly know what is best for you, ultimately.


When we listen to this Inner Knowing, our Wise Self,

and we align our different energies and aspects of being to this knowing,

then our life, health, relationships and work can evolve more fluidly for us.

We feel clearer and calmer, yet also energized, excited and open to possibilities.

Joy and love, success and health, creativity and growth are more accessible.

This is what we, and life, are all about!



But often what our cells know and want

is not always cooperating with what the heart knows and wants.

Or maybe our gut brain is in conflict with our creative idea brain,

stopping us from moving forward with plans and goals by giving us a tummy ache!

Too, juggling all the energies we deal with every day,

especially in such busy and fast moving times.

is confusing and stressful, wearing us down, and scattering our energies.

Hidden beliefs, habits and inherited patterns also confuse and sabotage our best efforts.

Add in dramas and traumas, accidents, illnesses, and and other environmental surprises,

and we can literally fall apart!




So, how do we get back into alignment with ourselves again?

How do we get our different parts talking to each other and cooperating?

To this end, we make a myriad of choices every day, some of which help,

(like nourishing food, sleep, exercise, play time, sunlight, etc.)

others...not so much!


I find BodyTalk amazingly helpful to help align and reset energies in surprising ways.


BodyTalk is an energy-based healing system

that trusts the body's inner knowing for what is best for each person.

It consults the body through muscle-testing,

using a brilliant protocol to ask key questions for clarity.


A BodyTalk session proceeds like an

Interactive Guided Meditation

where gentle attention is brought to key areas of your being

(physical, emotional, mental, environmental, spiritual).


Those areas are then rearranged in a slightly new relationship,

kind of like reprogramming,

such that old patterns are released and new patterns are established,

creating a

New Energy way of Being

that is more aligned with your overall essence and well being.


Each treatment is, on one level, a kind of enjoyable

Inner Quest Adventure.

On another level it is a non-verbal conversation with and within the body-mind complex

that generally goes beyond our conscious logical understanding,

but our subconscious 'gets it'.


It is surprisingly simple, elegant, gentle and effective for a multitude of problems,

from the most physical to the most esoteric.

Yet it's aim is not so much to fix a problem,

as to streamline your whole system to be able to self correct on its own.


You can learn more about BodyTalk at , and also check YouTube


My own enthusiasm for BodyTalk

comes from the successful and profound results I have seen for myself and clients.

I was a Massage Therapist for over 24 years,

and an Energy worker, still going for many more years,

learning, practising and experiencing many approaches to aligning and balancing body energies.

A few years ago, when I saw the BodyTalk Protocol Chart that guides a session,

I was impressed as I saw all my learning and more, brought all together here.

I also resonate with the underlying understanding that the client's body leads the treatment,

empowering the client more in the end.

I really like that!!

You can learn more about my background at


If any of this resonates with you, and you would like to have a BodyTalk session with me,

I am available by appointment in Ottawa, Ontario

or Mont Tremblant, Quebec (English only).

and it's also possible to do so by phone appointment.

To arrange a session, please email Wendy at


you can find a BodyTalk practitioner near you by going to

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